We continue to build a platform that helps ETF sponsors win. In that spirit, I wanted to share some good news:

We are saving you money by taking EDGAR filing duties in-house starting in January 2024.

1) We are taking EDGAR filings in-house and passing the savings on to you.

  • EDGAR filing fees cost each fund up to ~$5k per year. When we file a document with the SEC, we have that document
    “EDGAR-ized” and filed. Currently, we pass these variable costs on to you.
  • We made a $250k+/yr investment in personnel and technology that will lower your costs. Last month, we signed
    contracts, hired new employees, and conducted extensive training so we could do all SEC filings in-house. If your
    fund(s) made a small filing in August (a few pages), you may have already seen savings.

2) We are beta-testing now, but we project up to 50% in filing fee savings

  • EDGAR filing firms charge a fixed fee, plus a “per page fee” plus a fee, per page, to make edits. For example, if you file a 3-
    page document, you could pay $100 fixed plus $7 a page for $121. If we caught two typos and changed a date, you are
    looking at another $30, or $151 total.
  • Effective immediately, you will pay up to 50% less on filing fees, and these payments will go directly to ETF Architect.
  • Q4 will be a transition period while we wean ourselves off third-party providers. After that, we hope to be fully
    independent for most filings. We will maintain relationships with low-cost third-party providers for operational redundancy
    and to help facilitate esoteric filings or filing with extremely short deadlines.
  • Our long-term goal is to lower your overall costs and make your ETF operate as efficiently as possible.