1. How to work with us?

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  • How does a white label platform work?

  • Do I need to hire a Sub-Adviser to do trading? Who trades my ETF?

  • Am I an Adviser on the Trust? A Sub-Adviser?

  • How is billing handled? Do I enter into a lot of service agreements?

  • Do I get to choose my listing exchange?

  • What other costs are there that I should know about?

  • What types of funds can your platform handle?

  • What are your screening criteria?

  • What is your pricing?

2. How to Start an ETF

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  • What do I need to do in order to launch an ETF?

  • How much does it cost to launch an ETF?

  • Who can start an ETF?

  • Is it hard to run an ETF?

3. How to convert an ETF from an SMA, mutual fund or hedge fund?

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  • Do you convert mutual funds into ETFs?

  • Do you convert hedge funds into ETFs?

  • Do you convert SMAs into ETFs?

4. What is your stance on distribution?

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  • Does your firm help me with distribution? I have a great idea, but need help selling.

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